A Conversation about the Sphere of the Moon in Paradiso, with some of the main themes and the idea of transformation of perspective and experience of Being. With English Professor and Podcaster about Dante, Robert-Louis Abrahamson.



Robert-Louis Abrahamson is Emeritus Professor in English for the European Division of the University of Maryland, and he studied at Amherst College, University of Edinburgh and Rutgers University. Born in Philadelphia, he later moved to England in the 1980s and currently lives in the market town of Oundle, not too far from Cambridge, where he is the chairman of the Cambridge Dickens Fellowship.

Abrahamson also has a wonderful series on Dante's Inferno, Purgatory and Paradiso on his "Evening under Lamplight” Podcast, which is highly recommended, and a regular radio show currently on Cambridge 105 Radio.


His podcast with three seasons on Dante is here:


For more episodes on Dante's Paradiso in detail, we have a new podcast here:

Music: "Gregorian Chants", by Kevin MacLeod.