An introduction to 10 Key Insights from McGilchrist's "The Master & His Emissary", and 3 (or seven) practical tips for how to become more aware of the hemispheres, and rebalance the brain.


10 key insights 


- We have "Two brains". One can even split them, by cutting off the Corpus Callosum, and the person still functions largely fully normal.

- One brain is for focus and manipulation, and one brain is for the overview, letting it all flow in.

- The focused and systematic brain is supposed to be embedded in the more overall brain, over time.

- When the systematic brain rules, it cuts off the other brain.

- The focused brain (Left Hemisphere) is blind to everything it doesn't know, and often reacts with aggression and anger.

- Relationships to people, to nature, and to the Divine is all in the Right Hemisphere.

- The differences of the brain hemispheres are largely found through studies of strokes and brain damage.

- Reason is great, but, it tends to tilt towards LH dominance over time, thus dismissing everything it doesn't now.

- The tilt of the brain is a very slippery slope, and self-reinforcing through culture, architecture, and habits.

- We can rebalance the brain actively through good habits and awareness, which gives a richer experience of life, and a better ability to apprehend the world, understand the world and human nature, and make good choices long term. And for building better personal relationships, too.


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